Who We Are

We are not your average financial specialist.
Our clients’ stories speak of their success and therefore, a testament to our ability to identify, strategize and execute to achieve their financial goals.
We pride ourselves in the impact that we can bring not only to our clients but also to whom they can and will impact.
Passion drives us and innovation guides us.


Just like cooks have their sacred recipes, we have our own methodology borne out of experience and acumen when it comes to making things happen.
No two snowflakes are the same. Discarding conservatism, we strive to provide creative and lean but effective solutions for each of our clients on a measured and customized approach.
Underpinned by battle-hardened founders, we are single-minded in helping companies “Fuzz Track” their growth and potential to achieve their vision.







Our Work Process

To determine whether your company is eligible for incubation and investment, companies go through a stringent FuzzTrack process that includes the following steps:


Every applicant will be vetted through by our team to determine where the client can work best with us.


The short-listed companies will go through our system which involves a holistic 360 view on it especially on its business model.


Surgical inspection onto the company’s profile in terms of financial, legal and commercial aspects to ensure quality assurance.


We invest into companies who passes our process and provide them investment and business guidance.

Our Portfolio

We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs who are genuinely invested in making an impact in our society through proper structure, experienced support, and access to investment opportunities.



Industrial Engineering



Latest News

29 Aug: Startup Investigation: Cause of Death #1
FuzzTrack would personally like to thank each and every one of you who attended our event. It was an amazing turnout, with a highly engaging crowd and vocal panellists. Venture Building is definitely set to grow bigger where we will be able to successfully mobilize capital to fund and provide proper support to the startup community!
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16 Aug: Startup Investigation: Cause of Death #1
Shit happens, especially when you’re running a startup/company. More often than not, it’s the critical mistakes which founders have to look out for. Presenting our very own Startup Investigation to look into those mistakes!
31 Jul: Reaction to Action
Glad to know that local rising stars in Donovan & Ho have started to use iManageinc as their dedicated document management system to further increase the firm’s productivity.

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