Hypergear O2O business transformation process with 30% revenue increase

Jack Lee, Managing Director of Hypergear Malaysia, is here to bring us through his journey in starting a business from scratch to becoming a globally recognised brand. Along the journey, Jack will also drop some tips on how to maintain and improve a business.

It has been a hard time and difficult for everyone especially businesses around the world during the latest Covid-19 pandemic, but maybe not to Hypergear. Not that the pandemic has caused grieve to the brand, but in reverse, it has ignited a staggering 30% online growth by embracing digitalisation through a simple tool called CheckNow!

CheckNow is an online authentication platform that serves to be a business operation’s best buddy by providing useful features such as track & trace of goods, data collection, accurate marketing leads, and much more.

While Jack urged businesses to embrace technology for many reasons, he recognised the significance of O2O business model as the best way to modern and future business. Plus, the biggest purpose behind the business transformation is to get the related big data for future business planning and growth.


Source: https://packtica.com/hypergear-malaysia-the-victorious-o2o-business-transformation/